People Are Talking About Procure Personnel

Success stories from our happy clients and associates.

Thank you very much for all you have done for us this year. If it wasn’t for the associates you provided us, it would have been an even more troubling year. Thank you very much again and we look forward to continue working with you in 2021, and beyond!

Sean M.

I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback on the impact that Procure has had in helping to staff the positions we have available. This feedback is not only with regard to Procure, but also to the people that are working the roles.

Cory H.

We had 8 people call off with a stomach virus on our production line. I had 4 hours to get those lines back up. Procure got right on it. In 3 and a half hours I had a full crew and the lines were producing at 100%.

Jeff F.

I needed help, someone who could enter immediately into our accounting system. I had to know that the person the temp agency sent over would be trustworthy. I called Procure. Problem solved. They sent me Janet. She was perfect – so perfect, in fact, I hired her full time.

William O.

Great company, very efficient.

Antonia M.

In the five years that I have worked for Procure, I do not have a complaint. I love how you guys treat your employees.

Tenia C.

You guys are always loyal to me. I am very thankful I always have work.

Ana B.

You guys treat me good, and are very attentive with your employees.

Noris P.

Procure treats me good, the service is great, and they are attentive with me.

Ana R.